Team Siddaramaiah celebrating as DK Shivakumar didn’t budge

Team Siddaramaiah celebrating as dk shivakumar didnt budge

Rahul Gandhi, a Congress party leader, met with Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar as the party moved closer to naming the next Chief Minister of Karnataka following the recent election victory. Siddaramaiah's supporters celebrated his meeting with Rahul Gandhi, but the Karnataka Chief Minister's post remains uncertain after the Congress won the assembly elections. There has been no official announcement about who will take over the position. Due to having majority support from MLAs, Siddaramaiah is likely to be named by Congress for the role. The next task is to secure the approval of Mr Shivakumar. Siddaramaiah has mass appeal and completed a full term, while Shivakumar is known for his strong organizational capabilities and is Congress' troubleshooter. Settling for either may lead to alienation.

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