The Dawnseeker

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Watch The Dawnseeker full hindi Dubbed movie free online on website. This movie was released in 2018. In the year 2245, five men are sent to another planet in a spacecraft to retrieve stardust to save the Sun. However, a creature that is traveling with them and is known to Kill humans escapes. 

The Dawnseeker Movie Information

Genre - Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure , Hollywood-Dubbed

Movie Director - Justin Price

Cast - Franziska Schisler, Khu, Alexander Kane, Jason Skeen, Alex Giuffreda, Linton Jackson, Michael 'Big Smooth' Frazier, Carl Bailey, Emily Bertels, Donald Cheong, Marc-Andrew Chicoin, James croak, Billynaire Cruz, Ryan Jude Dopp, Jeremie Fiore.

Country - India 

Language - Hindi 

Movie Release Year2018

Duration - 82 mins

IMDb Rating - 3.5

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