Mumbai Central

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Watch Mumbai Central full hindi movie free online on websites. This movie was released in 2016. Gauri is a small-town girl who trusts Rohit and moves to Mumbai on the pretext of a job. However, Gauri soon realizes the consequences of her misplaced trust, as Bhagya has other plans for Gauri. 

Mumbai Central Movie Information

Genre - Bollywood, Drama 

Movie Director - Karan Radhakrishna 

Cast - Brijesh Tiwari, Jhuma Biswas, Suraj Singh, Rajiv Kare, Tariq Shah, Rajshri Deshpande, Chetanya Adib, Alibail Blackburn, Robert Hindle, Ruchi Tripathi, Rajiv Khare. 

Country - India 

Language - Hindi 

Movie Release year - 2016

Duration - 103 mins

IMDb Rating - 4.9 

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