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Watch Dilliwaliyaan full hindi movie free online on news.dailymails.org websites. This movie was released in 2020. The story revolves around three friends Apoorva, Nidhi and Urvashi. They remain depressed with their routine life. So they try new ways to live their life and have fun. Due to too much fun, an Accident happens to them and they get caught in the affair of the police. 

Dilliwaliyaan Movie Information

Genre - Comedy, Drama 

Movie Director - Ranveer Pratap Singh 

Cast - Avaani Arora, Samarth Pathak, Matin Khan, Rajat Das, Aishwarrya Khanna, Chakshhu Tiwari, Rajan Kapoor, Micky Arora, Deepika Panghal.

Country - India 

Language - Hindi 

Movie Release year - 2020

Duration - 95 mins

IMDb Rating - 5.6 

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