Beauty and the Beast

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Watch Beauty and the Beast full hindi Dubbed movie free online on websites. This movie was released in 2014. A village is terrorized and a jungle animal is blamed for the murders. Beautiful Belle believes otherwise and teams up with the Beast to find the real killer. 

Beauty and the Beast Movie Information  

Genre - Drama, Hollywood-Dubbed, Fantasy, Family

Movie Director - Christophe Gans

Cast - Michael Bornhutter, Uli Richter, Olivier Jurhs, Vincent Cassel, Nicolas Gob, Nara Huetz, Dejan Bucin, Yvonne Catterfeld, Milos Reznicek, Mickey Hardt, Jonathan Demurger, Max Volkert Martens, Richard Sammel, Mike Moller, Elisabeth Bogdan, Roman Spacil, Lea Seydoux, Audrey Lamy, Marie Gruber, Gotthard Lange, James Bomalick, Myriam Charleins, Kriss Fuss, Sara Giraudeau, Thomas Hacikoglu, Ander Dussollier, Louka Meliava

Country - India

Language - Hindi

Movie Release year - 2014

Duration - 113 mins

IMDb Rating - 7.1

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