A Small Town Girl

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Watch A Small Town Girl full hindi movie free online on news.dailymails.org websites. This movie was released in 2021. A small town girl is married to Kabir, who is 47 years old. Kabir along with his good friend Aarav shows a very good bonding with his manager in the office. And Kabir is very busy with his work. This story is very important.


A Small Town Girl Movie Information

Genre - Romance, Drama 

Movie Director - Anant Singh 

Cast - Princess Afreena, Sanjay Manikpuri, Akash Dahariya, Abhilasha Sharma, Arun Bhange, Pilesh Baghel, Iqbal Khan, Neelanjan Bose, Md. Shahnawaz, Jashpreet Kaur, Nimir Banra, Omprakash Mandal, Kishor Purena.

Country - India 

Language - Hindi

Movie Release year -2021

Duration - 87 mins

IMDb Rating - 6.3 

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